How to choose an Internet marketer who will show the result in a month?

How to choose an Internet marketer who will show the result in a month?

Look for a good internet marketer, but do not know how to recognize it? We give detailed instructions.

If you open a resume, all Internet marketers work with Google Analytics and Google Adwords, know the basics of SEO, lead SMM, set up email marketing, etc. At the interview, everything is a little sadder, but in general, it suits us, and as a person the applicant is good. A month later, the marketer is still getting acquainted with the specifics of the project but has already joined the work.

A specialist every day opens Google Analytics, writes posts on your pages in social networks, configures targeted ads on Facebook, works with contractors for SEO and contextual advertising. In six months you understand that marketing money is gone, and the company’s profit is falling. The marketer says that you need more money and more helpers. He does not have time. Familiar?

Let’s understand how to identify a good specialist immediately at the interview and when he should show the first results of the work.

Who is an Internet marketer?

When 5 years ago, I said that an internet marketer, asked me: “Do you sell on the Internet?” Then it seemed insulting. I’m not a salesman, I create demand. Now it seems normal and understandable. Yes, the internet marketer sells. Sells goods and services with text, design, correct advertising.

Without unnecessary complications, Internet marketing is the organization of sales on the Internet , and the Internet marketer is a technical sales expert. Internet marketing is not about creativity.

What is the main problem of Internet marketers?

The biggest problem for Internet marketers is the discrepancy between their skills and their knowledge of their knowledge. Why is this happening?

  • In universities, there is no specialty “Internet marketer”. There, you gain either knowledge of classical marketing or near – topic marketing – PR, advertising, sociology, journalism. And all this with minimal practice. At the output, there is no strategic thinking and without the knowledge of modern promotion tools.
  • Educational schools in different ways see the profession of Internet marketer. Some are preparing creative managers, others are account managers who will oversee digital activities within the advertising agency, while others (few of them) will be specialists who will customize and analyze advertising. Such we need.

Therefore, monitor the educational market to understand which courses are good and which are not. After the end of which courses, Internet marketers are right for you, and after which, no.

  • Managers do not put marketers in specific goals. For example, “Today we earn $ 1000 net profit. After 6 months, we must receive $ 10,000. What should we do to do this? “. There is no purpose – there is no responsibility for the result.

What should an Internet marketer know?

A good specialist should know how all Internet marketing tools work because he is responsible for the result of advertising campaigns. But this does not mean that the marketer should be able to tune all the tools.

Complex knowledge is needed to understand:

  • what tools are necessary for the work and what result they will bring;
  • What mistakes did other experts (copywriters, designers, SEO specialists, etc.) make and how to fix them;
  • how to customize an advertising campaign when necessary (and this need is not uncommon).

10 qualifications of a good Internet marketer:

  1. Google Analytics. Internet marketer knows how to set goals, e-commerce module understands the work of attribution models and the report of multi-channel conversions.
  2. SEO. Internet marketer understands internal and external search engine optimization, understands how it works, knows new ranking algorithms from Google and how SEO has changed over the past two years.
  3. Contextual advertising. Internet marketer understands the principles of the work of contextual advertising and is able to set up basic advertising campaigns in Google Adwords and Yandex.Metrica understands the difference between remarketing and retargeting.
  4. SMM. The Internet marketer understands the principles of the social networks, knows how the targeted advertising is configured and how SMM should work in conjunction with it.
  5. Online-PR. The specialist understands that PR is closely related to marketing, knows how it affects SEO, on what platforms it brings in sales and how effective it is in financial performance.
  6. Copywriting. The Internet marketer knows what the selling text is and what you need to write for high conversions. But do not ask the marketer to be a copywriter.
  7. Usability. The Internet marketer knows the basics of usability: understands the reasons for the low page conversion and knows how to improve it.
  8. Еmail-marketing. The Internet marketer understands the promotion strategies, the principles of segmentation in email marketing and knows the rules of good letters.
  9. Remarketing. The Internet marketer knows the difference between Facebook remarketing and Google’s remarketing.
  10. Design. The Internet marketer is aware of the trends in web design, as it oversees the work of designers. Previously, the king on the site was considered content, now – design. From the taste of the marketer, sales of the product depend.

You will never find Shiva a marketer who “closes” all the questions.

A specialist cannot be equally strong in all instruments. If you find one, he will lead the department: manage the processes, and not configure them. Therefore, assess which channels for promotion you can use in your business, with your budget, and with your capacities. Look for the appropriate specialist.

If you have a beauty salon for 5 seats, you do not need half the tools, because you can not cope with the flow of visitors. Take the SMM-box with knowledge of the settings of targeted advertising and remarketing. Target on your area or your target group (if this is a special segment).

Duties of the Internet marketer

you read jobs, Internet marketers should do everything and nothing. Blurred language, bureaucratic cliches, a lot of tools to use and no understanding of what all this is for.

Do not copy the vacancies of other companies. There is no list of standard duties for the Internet marketer. They are made according to the company’s goals. And for all of them they are different, based on the size of the project, its specifics, capacities, market volume, budget, target dates (urgent profit in 2 months or in the future in 2 years).

Therefore, before looking for an Internet marketer, determine the company’s goals, the role of a specialist in your project and the level of its interaction with other departments. Now, in your own words, tell me who you need and why.

For example, what can be the duties of a marketer online store sports shoes.

  • Set up contextual advertising in Google Adwords. It is necessary to optimize the available indicators for a number of brand inquiries and launch new campaigns.
  • Expand the semantic core of the site and increase the site’s representation in the search engines.
  • To conduct Instagram and Facebook (to write scenarios of photo sessions for the photographer, to make posts, to adjust the targeted advertising).
  • Work with the designer to improve the usability of the site (compilation of TK and design supervision) and over advertising banners.
  • Configure email marketing from scratch (strategy, segmentation, texts of letters).
  • Analyze advertising campaigns using Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica to optimize budgets.

Where and how to search for an Internet marketer?

A good specialist is not easy to find. Statistics such – from 30 resumes you will select 3 and 1 internet marketer will suit you. Maybe. Therefore, use all channels to find your expert:

Where to look for an Internet marketer?

  1. Job search sites.
  2. Social networks. Place the post on your page, the company page, ask your friends to make a report.
  3. Your site. Place an ad in the “Jobs” section.
  4. Schools or marketing courses. Ask the curator to advise you the best students. Go to the Internet marketing course. Offer the curator of the course your project for analysis in practice and select a promising marketer.

How to determine a good Internet marketer for a resume?

To understand the summary of the competence of a person is quite difficult. But there are standard rules for the first selection:

  1. Study the companies in which the applicant worked. Are these large well-known projects or small companies, where there are no budgets and, accordingly, practices? What now with these projects: they are actively developing, problematic or have already closed?
  2. Look at what the Internet marketer in the company does. Do you qualify for it? Will he be able to achieve your goals with the help of his knowledge?
  3. Appreciate his professional terminology. What words and phrases does the expert use to describe their duties and abilities? The more specifics, the more professional.
  1. Pay attention to the achievements of the marketer. One of the main indicators of a good specialist. If the resume does not have any achievements, then the person worked without result and did not track their effectiveness.

There are exceptions. People come from small companies or b2b projects where there is no possibility to use most of the tools of Internet marketing, but they learned a lot and quickly outgrew their company. Such experts-theorists can be taken on a low salary with good prospects.

  1. See the availability of Google Adwords and Google Analytics certificates. If a person has passed the exam on their own, certificates are a confirmation of the quality of specialist knowledge. If you are cheating (the results of the answers are in the public domain on the Internet), you will learn this at the interview. To do this, give a list of test questions below.

How to check the competence of an Internet marketer at an interview?

It is not necessary to understand Internet marketing to understand what level the expert is to you and whether he really knows everything that he wrote on the resume. We give advice on how to check the Internet marketer for professionalism and honesty.

Ask questions about the basic marketing terminology.

Start with a simple one. If a person does not give a transcript of the abbreviation CTR, say goodbye at once.

CTR (the click-through rate The) – indicator of CTR, the ratio of clicks to ad impressions. Why is it important? The higher the CTR, the lower the rate you can afford without losing traffic.

Check the specialist’s skills with visual questions.

If the marketer indicates that he is working with specific services, then he should know the main page of the resource and where to look what data.

Everyone who logs into Google Adwords knows that first you see the dashboard (summary report) with the clicks, conversions, and cost per click. This allows you to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of advertising campaigns immediately at the entrance to your account.

Use multi-level questions-situations.

We take the basic tool of service, with which the marketer works, and we put it into the situation. We complicate perception by several parameters.

The marketer should provide at least two scenarios, as you can see this data. If he understands Google Analytics, as indicated in the resume, he will show two options: the “Segmentation” tool and the “View” tool, in which you can configure the segmentation. If a person gave one answer, then his specialization is very weak, if none – a person does not work with Google Analytics at all.

Ask strategic questions.

Ask the marketer to describe how he will work with your company, based on its characteristics.

Let’s say you have a flower shop. The first question of the marketer: “Who is your target audience?”. You say that this is the middle segment. The specialist goes further: “Flowers are mostly bought by men, but women are influenced by purchase. Men are looking for flowers through Google. Therefore, you need to work on SEO and run contextual advertising. Women cling to Instagram and Facebook. Focus on Instagram. What bouquets and flowers most often buy from you? For what reasons? “, Etc. Ask questions.

Check competence with technical questions.

If the marketer writes that he is setting up targeted advertising , ask how to properly set up a business manager. If a person works with this tool, he will quickly and easily tell in words how to set it up.

Answer: We load the email addresses of employees that the business manager will use; fill in information about the company; choose or create a new business page Facebook; fill in the profile of the person who is responsible for managing the page, advertising accounts and will provide permission to work with them.

Ask about achievements at past places of work.

The effectiveness of the Internet marketer manifests itself in the results of his work, and not in the process. He can be able to set goals in Google Analytics, manage contextual and targeted advertising, lead SMM. But if a specialist cannot confirm his actions with the financial growth of the company and individual indicators (reducing the cost per conversion, increasing traffic on the site, increasing the level of customer return, etc.), this is a bad marketer.

Assess what questions are asked by the Internet marketer.

A marketer should also ask questions in order to understand what was before him, what results it has brought, that he can bring in a new one and whether he needs any company at all.

When to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the Internet marketer?

It is enough for 1 month to evaluate the work of a specialist. In Internet marketing, everything works very quickly and results can be obtained in the first weeks.

Tasks for the first month of work of an Internet marketer:

  • Basic audit of the company and analysis of competitors. He looks at the problems of business on the surface, where the competitors are and where the company is in relation to them.

Working time: On average 2 days.

  • Audit all the tools that the company launched. Assesses what problems are hidden inside the business. In parallel with the audit, it performs tuning and tuning of the instruments. Writes what the problems were and how he solved them.

Working time: On average up to 2 weeks.

  • Launch new tools. Chooses tools that will be effective for the business and launches a test with different creatives and a minimal budget.

We look at the results every week.

You can put clear tasks before the Internet marketer, or give him the initiative in the format “figure it out and tell me what to do.”

How to determine the effectiveness of an Internet marketer?

Everyone wants to understand, the Internet marketer is draining money for nothing or his advertising campaign settings will bring the result. Follow the analytics and see how the indicators change: in the positive or negative direction. This is enough to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the marketer in the first month.

It is impossible to say exactly how much these or other indicators of different marketing tools should increase. Everything depends on the project: its specifics, scope, quality of the settings of the previous marketer (if the project is not from scratch).

If the average product check is large, a CTR increase of 0.001% will already be a good indicator. In a small project, the CTR can grow by 200%. If the targeted ad was not configured correctly, you can increase the conversion by 4 times. If the configuration before you was already of high quality, the increase in conversion of 0.5 times will be a success. Everything is very ambiguous.

How to control the work of an Internet marketer?

  1. Set the KPI (key performance indicators) of the specialist.
  2. Organize weekly work reports.
  3. Conduct daily 5-minutes on tasks for the current day.
  4. Work in task managers (planning, setting, and monitoring tasks).

What KPI should an online marketer have?

An effective marketer believes the result is not the number of created ads in the context, advertising creatives in Facebook or words in the top, but – improving specific business indicators.

KPI for all instruments is different, but there are 3 general performance indicators :

  1. Conversion from all traffic sources.
  2. The number of visitors from all sources of traffic.
  3. CTR for all ad channels.

For social networks KPI will be the number of subscribers and the level of involvement of users. For targeted and contextual advertising – the cost of conversion and the dynamics of reducing the cost of conversion.

What is the main KPI you need to put before a marketer?

Ideally, as a KPI, put the overall profit of the project. But there is a problem. This is influenced by many factors and many departments of the company. This is the formation of prices, the work of the sales department and customer service, operating costs (for example, moving and repair). All this reduces the overall profit of the company, and hence the salary of the Internet marketer.

Therefore, there is a more fair indicator of KPI – the profit of the marketing department. This is the total revenue that is earned with the help of the marketing department minus the expense of the marketing department. On the basis of this, the marketer’s bonuses are built.

At the end of the year, the results are summed up, which determines the average profitability of marketing during the year and is assigned to the next year as a zero level .


There is good news. A useful trend of the last 3 years is to learn and improve their qualifications. There are more and more internet marketers on the market who can do everything from SMM texts to the analysis of the semantic core of the site. Believe, soon you will meet.

Let’s summarize. A good Internet marketer:

  1. Shows the result in the first month of work.
  2. He thinks strategically.
  3. Can set up all Internet marketing tools.
  4. Knows Google Analytics at an advanced level.
  5. Shows the results in figures: the growth of the company’s profit so many%, the increase in conversions, the CTR so-and-so%, the reduction in the cost of bids so-and-so%.
  6. He works in a task manager to monitor his tasks and all phases of the work of employees / contractors.

Set your name if this article helped you understand how to choose an Internet marketer. Write in the comments, which topics on Internet marketing are interesting to you, and we will discuss them in the following publications.

Always remember, attracting a customer is not yet a sale. Good marketing can break off on a bad customer service. Look, do not you lose customers because of the 7 customer service mistakes .

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