Pixel retargeting is a simple tool for growing sales

Pixel retargeting is a simple tool for growing sales

Have you noticed when you search for a product on the Internet, its advertising begins to haunt you everywhere: you see banners in your mailbox, on social media, on third-party sites …

This is how the retargeting pixel works – a special program code that stores information about users who have entered the site. The pixel transmits information about users in real time and remembers in the database which page the user opened and what he did on it.

Thus, the user receives a label by which the advertising network understands that he is a potential buyer of this product.

Who can retargeting catch up with?

Retargeting allows you to make the most relevant offers for different segments of your audience:

  • For example, you can show ads to those who have visited the site but have not bought anything.
  • You can set up ads for those who have already bought something and offer them another product or a repeat purchase.
  • For those who put a product in the cart, but did not buy it, you can show an advertisement with a reminder that you need to place an order (and get a bonus for it)
  • Those who have been in your subscriber base for a long time, but have not bought anything, can see ads with a free product lead magnet or webinar.
  • You can also show product reviews – as you can see, there are many options!

Pixel retargeting setup

The pixel is installed very easily in any advertising account: Google, Facebook, and it is better to install it everywhere at once. There are many free instructions on the net how to set up this pixel.

You can also decide how long it will take to show ads: 5 minutes, 5 days or a month after visiting the site. You can also set up different frequency of displaying ads, for example, on one resource only once.

An example of a pixel’s work – in the mail service, participants in the master class see a reminder about the air

Targeting is a powerful tool not used by everyone, although it is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. After all, you are showing ads not to anyone who succeeds, but only to those who have probably already seen you before, which means that the probability of a successful transaction is several times higher here.

This simple, affordable and easy-to-implement feature can amplify any funnel exponentially. And if you are not yet using it in your work, then it’s time to take a closer look at it.

But remember that the main thing is not services and tools, but strategy. And if you know how to build it, then you can effectively use any software or script.

Share in the comments if you knew how this tool works? Do you use it in your projects?

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