58 Words That Sell In Social Networks

58 Words That Sell In Social Networks

What do the brand and products actually sell on social networks?

Of course, words. Social networks are, first of all, a channel of communication between people (and not a sales platform, as everyone already perceives). That’s why what you say and with what words, directly affects the final result.

What words do you write on the publishers pages to sell the product or yourself as a brand? 

I’m sure you ask yourself this question quite often. Today I have an answer to it.

The first thing you need to pay attention to before you go to the words themselves is how to write on social networks.

No magic word will help you, if you write huge canvases without separation and excretions. A social network is speed. Every second more and more posts are published every second, therefore information is compressed every day more and more, posts become easier, more precisely. Public, which “pour water” quickly go into the shadows. Whichever useful information you have, a person will eventually get tired of fishing it out of the text, if at all, pay attention to it (depends on a strong title ).

In general, you need to focus on your audience and its problem. As our practice has shown,  too large articles are not readable,  Facebook is more positive with this, but you still have to be extremely cautious.

In any case, remember that people come to the social network to communicate and share laconic useful information, raising their level in the eyes of others.

The second is to determine the purpose of the post

Sales in social networks are of several types:

1. Sale of the product directly through public ;

2. Selling to the client in the form of a click on the link, which already leads to the selling page / site;

3. Sale of the brand in the form of a repost of information . Repost, of course, the main goal of any contact with the visitor, then I will explain why this goal is a separate item.

For each goal there are separate words that can be correctly sold. It is the misuse of individual words that leads to the fact that fasting becomes a failure, not a selling one. More on such words further.

The third is the ratio of promo and neutral posts

Sometimes, in pursuit of large sales, the main goal of social networks for the client is to forget – communication and increasing their social significance in the eyes of others.

That is, the ratio of information in the public gives a tangible roll toward promo posts. It looks like a single stream of advertising, requests for somewhere to go, something to buy – in general a gathering of “Novelties”, “Shares”, “Best offers” and everything in that spirit.

Of course, in this situation, these words will not work. It turns out too overzealous and intrusive.

That’s why you need to balance the promo and neutral posts – about 80/20 . Where 80 – neutral posts and 20 – promo.

That is why repost is singled out as a separate goal – sale. Any information post, the purpose of which is a repost, is also aimed at selling, only the brand and public as sites with interesting and useful information.

Fourth – positioning

Returning to the same main goal of social networks in the eyes of the client, it is worth paying attention to the syllable and positioning of the post.

It is not necessary to write posts in some clean, literary language. It is necessary to form a friendly, understandable, relaxed atmosphere, even where there is talk about something serious, for example, professional skills.

And what makes the post unconstrained? Slang (in the aisles of the reasonable), slogans from conversational speech . To make sure that the post is written in the right key – re-read it completely and decide to speak in such verbal form, explaining this information to a friend. In general, the simpler, the better.

Remember that this applies only to the emotional “bulk” of the text, the word parasites or too much equal to the conversation text can be regarded as not literacy or not the possession of copywriting skills .


And now the most interesting:

58 Words That Sell in Social Networks

Selling words for posts, the purpose of which is to sell the product directly through public

1. Special

2. Price

3. Warranty

4. New

5. Shipping

6. The final

7. Security

8. Saving

9. Share

10. (B) availability

11. Deserving

12. Low

13. Advantage

Sell words for posts, the purpose of which is clicking on the link and subsequent sale through the selling page / site

14. Switch to the

15. Here

16. Now

17. You

18. Profit

19. Important

20. Have time

21. Benefits

22. Edit

23. More

24. Details

25. Reshit

26. Result

27. Click

28. Hot

29. Will make

Selling words for posts for the purpose of reposting

30. Compilation

31. TOP

32. How

33. Why

34. Where

35. Easy

36. Money

37. Changing

38. The Secret

39. Quick

40. Conveniently

41. Guaranteed

42. People

43. Simple

44. Correctly

45. Step by step

46. Effective

47. Methods

48. They promised

49. Assassins

50. Want

51. Recommends

52. Life

53. Tips

54. Important

55. Useful

56. Necessarily

57. Valuable

58. Cardinally


We all perfectly understand that the creation of interesting and useful content requires bright and catchy words. But this is not 100% successful. One of the important skills – the correct formulation of words – a harmonious combination. When creating a post, be sure not to oversaturate the text. Skillful management, your style and these 58 words will make your sale!


If the information was useful for you, put it. This will be an excellent feedback for us and motivation to write more useful, practical information in practice.

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