How to create a sales funnel for any business in 4 hours

How to create a sales funnel for any business in 4 hours

Many people think that a funnel is something complicated. That it needs to be built for many months and even years. And this is partly true, because it takes a long process of developing and packaging new products, testing offers, etc. 

But there is good news – you can create the first working prototype of a funnel with minimal effort in 4 hours, with which you can already get more profit at a lower cost.

Step # 1. Implement a lead magnet to easily enter the sales funnel

A lead magnet is something free and useful, for which a person will not be sorry to leave their email, phone or add you to their messenger. The user doesn’t need to buy anything right now. His stress is minimal, but the benefits of such an exchange are obvious to him.

Think about what could be your lead magnet: quiz test, instruction, guide, checklist, review, catalog, mind map, some kind of calculation, consultation, demo version of the application, selection of services, and so on.

Step # 2. Add an upsell on the thank you page

Upselling or One Time Offer – what is it? In short, this is an offer that will be received by those who have ALREADY made a registration, order or purchase on your site. 

Thank you page is the page where you usually see “Thank you for your application, the manager will contact you.”

But the fact is that 100% of interested users get to this page. And the largest amount of money is hidden here, although everyone stubbornly ignores it. It is on this page that you can add an offer in half an hour with an offer to buy a product at a higher price at a special price or on special terms. For example, you bought a camera, so offer it immediately additional accessories.

This means that without changing the volume of traffic, you can already get more money by simply making additional offers to those who have already said YES to you in the previous step of the funnel. If the client refuses, you have absolutely nothing to lose. But if even one in 100 people who got to this page agrees, then you will make money out of the blue. 

Step # 3 Set up the retargeting pixel

The retargeting pixel can be set up in just half an hour or an hour, but it will allow you to show your ad to the following segments of people:

  • For those who were on the page but did not buy anything, we will show product ads or free lead magnets.
  • For those who left an application, but did not buy in the end, we show ads for your product on other terms, for example, by installments. Or we advertise a cheaper product.
  • For those who bought the product, we show your other offers.

If you have such a pixel configured, then you are showing ads not to anyone, but only to those who have probably already seen you before, which means that the probability of a successful transaction grows significantly.

Step # 4. Add comebacker

A cambecker is a window that appears on a website when a visitor is about to leave. The comebacker has an offer with the message “Wait, don’t leave, we have something interesting for you …”.

Such a script is also installed in half an hour and with its help you can make alternative offers to those who are not interested in the offer on the main page.

A lot of people scold comebackers for being obsessive, but they work great. The main thing is to offer what is needed and interesting to your target audience.

Step # 4. Implement an email chain

So, your funnel already has a sales page, lead magnet, upsell, comebacker. It remains to make a newsletter. It will take you an hour to write 2-3 letters, and another half hour will be spent on setting them up in any automated mailing service. 

The minimum of emails you need:

  1. A letter of gratitude for registering, downloading a lead magnet, an application or a purchase – depends on the goals of your page.
  2. A warm-up letter, usually with the story of an entrepreneur, as a way to get to know and get closer to the audience.  

What letters to write next? In the mailing list, everything depends on what is interesting to your customers: if you sell chocolate in bulk, then introduce your subscribers to the product. If you sell franchises, share cases. 
Thus, in just 4 steps, you will have a funnel where three basic principles are observed: variability, warm-up and automation. Namely: for each “Yes” and “No” you have your own move, you have planned long-term automatic communication with the subscriber in the mailing list and all this happens without your participation.    

If you are interested in this topic or there were too many new words for you in this article, then download a free guide on creating sales funnels – it’s free and very useful.

And write in the comments, do you have any experience in creating online sales funnels? Are you interested in this topic?

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